4 Reasons Not To Use Free Research Papers

The adage our parents lived by boasts how ‘you get what you pay for’, usually when discussing products like dish cleaners, toiletries and foodstuffs. When research paper outlets sprung up online, many people offered both free research papers and those which cost small or large fees. The decisive factors we investigated across the internet have been scripted below as four reasons not to use free research papers when you need something quickly to turn into your college professor or high school teacher.

  • Outdated Information
  • Many times you’ll find outdated information contained within free research papers. Even worse, the data within these freebies could be incorrect, making you look foolish and potentially jeopardizing your grades. Free research writings contain facts which may have been proven true years ago but simply don’t apply in current society, and should be avoided when your paper accounts for high percentages of your final grade.

  • Plagiarized
  • Free research reports and papers also have knowingly been copied from books, periodicals or other resources and given away for what appears to be nothing. You then take the free paper to class and hand this in. Before long, your teacher calls you out of class to tell you that your paper was copied from the very book you’re reading in class or will soon be reading. This causes embarrassment, potentially getting you kicked out of school altogether. In other words, the risks are too high when downloading free research assignments.

  • Could Be Viruses Attached
  • Even if the source of the free research paper seems legitimate on the surface, you could end up downloading viruses with your paper which could either eat your hard drive or allow future malicious attacks to commence when you’re connected to the internet. Shysters, who will often give away something for free such as homework assignments, have their own underlying greed to adhere to – most of the time, at your expense.

  • Quality Issues
  • Perhaps the top reason one should never receive free research assignments online is because there is little to no quality involved. The spelling is poor, grammar choice is senseless and sentence structures look almost childlike. Anytime you want something for free, such as homework, you should be prepared to sacrifice quality during the process.


Great research papers deserve spending the small amounts of money on, even if the paper is small. You always get better quality without plagiarism involved with paid papers as opposed to receiving research papers from untrusted sources for free.

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