How to write an outstanding history research paper

A lot of students get overwhelmed when asked to write a History research paper. Most of them don’t know how to go about it and they assume that writing a History paper is simply reporting about what happened. A History research paper however, is a profound interpretation of transpired events. Here are a few tips on how to write an impressive research paper.

i. Start early

Whenever a person is asked to write a History paper, one should not procrastinate. A college term may seem long but since college life involves a lot of work, a person might soon find him or herself out of time for doing the two week assignment. A good strategy would be to work on the assignment for at least between fifteen to sixty minutes per day, right from the day that the assignment was given.

ii. Get to understand the topic

A History professor would either give the student a topic or ask them to choose one that they would like. If the topic is provided, the student should clearly understand what is expected of them. In case the student is asked to select or come up with their own topic, then a student should select a topic that not only appeals to them, but one that is also manageable. A manageable topic is one that is not too broad and one which allows the student to conceive a working thesis. By understanding the topic a student is able to have a clear guide of what is required and the materials that they will use for research.

iii. Research the topic

After understanding what is expected on the topic, the student should do a thorough research on the topic. This would involve procuring material and literature that relate to the topic and doing some background reading about the topic. The library and the internet are often good resource places. There are major sources of historical data. These are the primary and secondary sources and they all provide building blocks for the composition.

iv. Writing the Essay

The student should develop an outline or work with a mental map of the various sections and subsections that the essay will be structured in. if this is done in done in a logical order, it provides a clear preview of the essay and how the ideas in each section and subsections are related. The structure of the essay should also be considered when writing the essay. It should have a creative introduction, interesting body and a mind blowing conclusion. This therefore means that a person should write the essay with a critical attitude either supporting a position or being against that position.

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