Main Features Of A Good Topic For Argumentative Research Papers

An argumentative essay may sound like a good excuse to get passionate about a cause on paper if you think of an argument as the verbal equivalent of a boxing match. It’s actually a much more calm and balanced analysis of two opposing views. The persuasive essay with which it is so frequently mistaken is more likely to contain pleas to emotions and the like. Here are some features of a good research topic for presentation in an argumentative style.

  • Clarity
  • The reader should be able to understand immediately the intention of the research once presented with the topic. Any ambiguity in the topic should be cleared up before writing begins.

  • Duality
  • An argumentative essay by its very nature requires more than one perspective on a topic to be explored. Ensure that your research can adequately expose strong points in favor and against the topic.

  • Interest
  • Research that is boring loses readers. As much as the field of academia allows for a wider definition of the word ‘interesting’ than pop culture, it is important to consider why the topic chosen will be read as opposed to any other that may be released around the same time. Ask yourself, does it stand out?

  • Appropriateness
  • There are topics that may fit all of the above criteria but be just a bit too risque for the classroom. This will vary greatly depending on the professor who will be marking the paper so you will have to decide when the rewards merit the risks.

With those features in mind, here are a few topics that may be worth considering:

  • “Is cosmetic surgery a viable option in regaining self esteem?”
  • “Should the Creationist doctrines of all religions be taught alongside evolution?”
  • “Should entire nations ever be put under quarantine?”
  • “Should the Vatican retain the right to deal with crimes among clergy under its own laws?”
  • “Should the legal age of adulthood be determined individually by maturity level?”
  • “Should humans attempt to colonize other habitable planets?”
  • “Should indigenous groups with a culture of whaling be exempt from current whaling bans?”

Depending on your cultural upbringing and even views you have adopted as an adult, one side of each of these topics may immediately strike you as obvious and true while the other seems ridiculous. In doing your research, bear in mind that some one else is holding an opposing view just as dearly and your aim as a writer is to present that view as fairly as possible.

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