A list of outstanding math research paper topics

There are math topics that include a wide range of genres you can choose from. When it comes to your interests and the field of study you are in, these factors can help you narrow down the selection to potential topics you would want to write about. To make things interesting you may want to consider areas such as sports, famous figures who contributed to mathematical concepts, and even common ratios or math concepts common used today versus decades ago. The following list includes general concepts for research papers.

  • Major advances made in math from various countries throughout the century.
  • The discovery of cryptograph and other related key systems.
  • Math discoveries that won a noble peace prize or received a notable recognition or award.
  • Issues related to current events and the government such as the mortgage crisis, high foreclosure rates, and formulas used to determine rates people pay on their mortgage.
  • How were concepts for math taught to elementary or grade school students developed?
  • What is so significant about the infinity concept? It has been studied for years with researchers still puzzled with limitations and complexities related to it.
  • Why does it take so long for a bank account to accrue interest? What is the mathematics behind it in how you accrue interest from a certain amount of money that is deposited and left in the account for a specific time?
  • The development of simple math concepts we use today such as division, multiplication and fractions. Why do people often have a hard time following rules when trying to solve math problems on paper?
  • How were calculators developed? How are they able to perform so many mathematical functions?

Other Tips on How to Get Suggestions

You can get suggestions from someone who is on the same page as you; someone who would have an idea of the type of content you could research based on academic level. While many students struggle to find a good math topic for their research, it may help to bounce ideas off of each other since it could be helpful to others. Many may consider doing something related to current events or a comparison project using a concept that involves a number or score system. Coming up with an interesting topic and thorough paper proofreading may take some time, but it should be something you can clearly define and present accurate concise data.

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