Writing a Research Paper for Your Classmate

You shouldn't write a research paper for your classmate because it is not ethical and your classmate doesn't learn how to be an independent and mature student. It seems that these days more college students are cheapening the value of their degrees by asking classmates to write papers for them and this shows their immaturity and at times laziness. When you decide to write a research paper for your classmate, you are taking away from your own priorities to complete your research papers and this puts a burden on you. If you are thinking about asking a classmate to write a research paper, consider the following methods of preparing the paper yourself.

Managing Your Time During Research Preparation

A common mistake students make when writing research papers is a lack of time management and you want to make sure that you allow adequate time for writing the paper. On the day you're assigned the research paper, you want to start gathering information early so that when it is time to type the paper, you can focus on this process alone.For the first two weeks of the assignment period you can look for and read books that pertain to the topic, and you should also take notes. For the next three weeks you need to seek out other resources to assist you in the research and during the following three to four weeks you would prepare a rough draft and the final draft.

Other Basic Research Tips

Once you write a strong introduction to the research paper, you would make a strong claim and then support this claim with valid arguments and examples from credible and scholarly resources. Avoid reliance on your opinions and preconceived notions to support your claims because this takes away from the credibility and accuracy of the paper. If you cannot find enough resources in favor of your claim, you can move to the opposing side of the argument or rework your topic. You need to proofread your paper to avoid grammatical errors and factual inaccuracies. Finally, your research paper should always include a works cited page.


Writing an original research paper may appear impossible at first but if you are willing to work hard and ask for help, you don't have to ask a classmate to write the paper. In addition, you will become an expert on your chosen topic as you write the research paper.

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