3 Strong Child Development Research Paper Topics

Have you been assigned to write on a child development research paper? Do you need ideas and whether you want a topic, which is not too tedious?

Below are 3 strong child development research paper suggestions.

  1. Effects of Video Games on Children
  2. The research paper on this topic covers numerous positive and negative impacts for playing video games on children.

    Some negative aspects include lack of social interaction, obesity, and exposure to violence. Some positive aspects of playing video games are building cognitive thinking skills, improving hand/eye coordination, and learning to follow directions.

    You should consider some reliable sources to gain insights for writing research paper on the topic. One such source is ‘Glued to Games’ written by Richard Ryan. You can refer articles and books, or contact to mental health professionals. Ask them for the impact of video games on the child development.

    Moreover, you can call a local psychologist or school counselor to obtain more insights on child development. You even ask a neurologist or a pediatrician for expert citation for this research paper. How you can forget web for making search over the effect of video games on Children. The scholarly articles, textbooks and experts assistance is available online.

  3. Effect of Hippotherapy on Child Development
  4. This research topic will talk about therapy for children such as cerebral palsy, autism, and attachment disorders. Hippotherapy is regarded beneficial for child development. Hippotherapy is a type of physical, speech, and occupational therapy that makes use of equine movement to build up or improve physical and neurological functioning.

    This research paper should focus on benefits of Hippotherapy on child development. Hippotherapy helps children with cerebral palsy on several edges. Interacting with the animal helps lift a child’s spirits psychologically and emotionally.

    While doing research on this topic, you can start exploring resources such as ‘Special Needs, Special Horses’ by J. Warren Evans.

    American Hippotherapy Association is another reliable source you can checkout and it’s going to assist you a lot in infusing insights towards your research on this topic. Contact local experts such as a social worker, a special education teacher or a child psychologist.

  5. Impact of Music Education on Early Childhood Development
  6. A third strong idea discusses what impact music carries in early childhood development.

    You can start doing research on this topic by contacting an early childhood music teacher for his/ her opinion. You can also speak to an occupational or speech therapist; ask him for an expert advice.

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