How to write your papers and essays in no time

How long it takes to write a term paper, research paper, or essay has less to do with the assignment type and more to do with a student’s experience and writing methods. Here are some tips to get your essays and papers written faster than you could have ever believed possible.

Set Deadlines

Obviously, there are deadlines set by your instructor—but fast writers set their own deadlines. If you give yourself a deadline for choosing a topic, forming a thesis, completing primary research, forming an outline, and writing your paper, you’ll find you’re motivated and focused. Motivation and focus will help you finish up fast.

Organize at Every Stage

Some people start off organized, but their sense of organization falls apart as they progress toward the actual writing of the paper. Others think they don’t really need to organize their notes until they’re at the writing stage. Neither of these types of students will finish writing their papers quickly. In order to get through your assignments with time to spare, you need to start organized and remain organized throughout the process.

Here’s how:

  • Identify Arguments that Support Your Thesis
  • Whatever your thesis, theme, or main idea is, you need to determine basic categories for the different manners in which you support or prove it. Create a folder, binder, or file on your computer for each category.

  • Categorize Your Notes Each Time You Research
  • Each and every research session, categorize your notes. While you may think you won’t forget about a particular piece of material, or which source it came from, you may be wrong. In the beginning, it’s easy to remember all of these things, but after days or weeks of reading, it all starts to run together.

  • Keep a Database of Your Sources
  • If you don’t store them in a spreadsheet, at the very least keep a single notebook in which you write down all of your sources in the same format. Don’t put sources on a sticky note and slap it on your desk, to write down later. Always enter a new source into your record, it will save you a great deal of time when it comes to formatting your paper.

  • Create a Thorough Outline Before Writing
  • Writer’s block happens when students don’t know what to write. If you stay organized, you’ll already have all of your arguments categorize, and you can write an outline to guide you through every step of the process.

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