A Step-By-Step Manual on How to Write Term Papers

  Term papers can be quite difficult, and frankly, intimidating to write. You are working on a whole new level now and you know it. You have to do well and need to know how, so here it is step-by-step.

  • Know your format
  • Pick a well suited topic
  • Have a good outline
  • Research
  • Manage your time
  • Mind your writing
  • Edit

Know Your Format

The format may be different in each class or even for every paper so know which format you are expected to use. Ask the teacher about the format and make sure that you understand it completely before you leave.

Pick a Well Suited Topic

Make sure that the topic not only suits you and makes this paper interesting but is also broad or narrow enough to fill the space you have to fill. A 5 page paper should have a far narrower topic than a 15 page paper should. You need to be able to fit all, yet only the right information.

Have a Good Outline

The outline can act as a blueprint for writing the paper in the correct format and can give you a huge head start on the writing. It keeps you from needing to go back to your research all the time. This can be a major asset if you use it correctly and take it seriously.


Research is the key to any good paper. You need plenty of information in order to write a paper this long. Do the correct amount of research for the topic and paper length.

Manage Your Time

You have a set amount of time in which to do this paper, so manage your time well. Schedule when you will do research, when you write the outline, when you write the final draft, and so on. If you have a good, solid schedule than you will have plenty of time to complete a good paper. This will allow you to do a good job, not a last minute effort free paper that gets you a grade you know is beneath you.

Mind Your Writing

Make sure that while writing, you write well. Use all of the tools you learned in English class to help you write well written papers. No matter the subject, when it comes to term papers it is mostly about the writing. It is not just the information; it is how you present the information.


Make sure you go through the paper as many times as you can in order to get it right. Have other people read through it to make sure you didn’t miss careless mistakes. Then make any changes needed and edit it again.

If you do all of these things you should end up with a pretty good paper. Remember though, you can only get out of it what you put into it. If you don’t do the work you won’t get the grades. Most importantly, if you can do better, you should. This guide should make it easier but it can’t make you care, that is all up to you.

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