12 Interesting Child Development Research Paper Topic Ideas

Studying Child Development is an exciting and beneficial subject to explore that is full of interesting topics to dive into. Research papers require a lot of work and time, so it’s important to select a subject that has enough information to write about and that holds your interest. Try not to pick a subject that’s exhausted or often discussed as this doesn’t offer the reader any new information. You want to strive to entice your reader and hold their attention. If you are having trouble brainstorming potential topics, here are 12 ideas that you could consider writing about:

  1. Mental Health in Young Adults: How does society treat those who are mentally ill? What about those who are mentally ill and adolescent? Explore how we offer assistance to those in need.
  2. Difficulties of Adolescence: What are the challenges the youth of today often face? How has bullying changed throughout the years? With the rising trend in suicide rates and teen depression, what do you think are the various causes for this trend?
  3. What Causes Anger in Children?: For children who struggle with their temper and anger issues? Have there been any effective strategies or techniques for dealing with children affected by temper issues? If there are existing theories on the predispositions that case these issues, be sure to explore all of them.
  4. Sexuality in Adolescents: With the emerging change in society’s grasp on sexuality, how are our current youths being affected by this?
  5. Raising Gang Awareness in Children: It’s important to play a major role in their personal life. What can parents and other adults do to make sure the youth stay on the right path? Why do you think more children are entering gangs at younger ages?
  6. Handling Loss as an Adolescent: Many children and teens must face a major loss while growing up, such as the loss of a parent, friend, or loved one. What are the different coping methods children often refer to?
  7. Self-esteem: Self-esteem is something that fluctuates drastically during child development. Examine the peaks and valleys self-esteem takes, and what causes it to take those.
  8. Substance Abuse: Children are prone to being influenced by any strong factor, like an older sibling or irresponsible friend. What are the effects of drug or alcohol consumption in children? How does it affect their mental and cognitive development?
  9. Pregnancy: With more children and teens becoming pregnant, how does this affect the growing curb for children?
  10. Abuse in Children: How do victims of abuse differ in childhood? What is it like for them to grow up versus normal children?
  11. Foster children: How have adoption rates changed? What do foster homes do for childhood development?
  12. Money: What can you do to teach children about money? How can we teach teens the importance?

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