High School Paper Example - Humanitarian crisis in Syria

Since the inception of the Syrian war in mid-march 2011 a lot of human rights have been violated. A lot of human lives have been lost from the conflict between the government and the rebel forces. More than 60000 have lost their lives during the war. According to the UN 2000 people flee to neighboring countries every day.

Evidence of torture, police brutality to the demonstrators and arbitrary arrests has shown clearly crimes against humanity. Journalists from foreign countries trying to cover the war have been arrested, killed or disappear. The government has disconnected all internet connections in most major towns. Most crimes going on Syria are not accessed by other people as there is no communication with the outside world. Few pictures are civilians using their phones which they send to the outside world.

The Syrian government promised its civilians reforms if they had a crease fire.The government promised the release of prisoners, increase of wages to its employees and the creation of employment opportunities. The government failed to fulfill its promise and people where back to the streets. The used brutal techniques and live ammunition to disperse the protesters while terming them as terrorists.

The Arab League, United States, European Union has condemned the use of force while dealing with the demonstrators. They have slapped Syria with economic sanctions but this has not deterred the government from using violence. The UN has tried to broker peace between the government and the rebels using mediator Koffi Annan. The war stooped for some time and resumed later when the government attacked peaceful demonstrators and killing scores of people. After the peace initiative failed Koffi Annan tried to involve Iran to try and bring peace in Syria.

The violence is escalating everyday as president Bashar al-Assad has vowed not to resign as requested by the rebels. To escape the violence, thousands of people are escaping to the neighboring countries. In addition to this many have been tortured, killed and imprisoned. Rebels have also been accused of human rights violation as well. They have abducted soldiers and their families. However the majority of human rights have been committed by the Syrian government. The government lifted the emergency rule in 2011which was introduced in 1963. President Assad has continued denying being involved in the massacre of civilians and placing blame on armed groups and foreign conspirators instead.

The United Nations and Red Cross are trying to help refugees as they are increasing daily. With increased pressure from the International community the Syrian government is now allowing humanitarian activities to its civilians.

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