Finding A Decent And Proofread Art Research Paper Example

  • Why Research Papers in Art are Easier
  • Research papers are everywhere on the web, but how do you find quality ones that are researched correctly and are in the proper format.

    Art research papers are not difficult to write because you can discuss the painting, its history, and analyze the painting in context while looking at it. Art teachers can talk about one portrait and see all kinds of things they see in it based on the expression of their face, the gloominess or lack of it in the background, and the clothes the parents are wearing.

  • Writing About Art History is Fun
  • Art history was actually was one of my favorite subjects and it is a fun class where you get to sit in the dark and look at some of the most beautiful things you will ever see in the world for the 55 minutes or hour that you are in that class. Seeing Joseph Mallord William Turner’s The Slave Ship—a beautiful painting with a sunset so breathtaking you simply have to see a good rendition of it—where the colors are bright and not muted. It is at the Boston Fine Art’s Museum

  • You’ll Want to Research the Painting Yourself
  • You’ll want to find your own articles. You cannot simply take their sources and trust they are cited correctly or in the same format. They might be using MLA and you need APA formatting, so check before you use them as a sample.

  • You Might Try Searching This Way
  • Every art history course focuses on one or several periods in art—like the Romantic Period or the Modern Period. If you are discussing a painting by a romantic painter, you might want to look up “research papers on Romantic artists.” You might even find one cited correctly if you add “in MLA format” or “in APA format.”

    You’ll want to make sure it reads well and interests you, as it will inspire your own work.

  • How to Find a Decent Proofread Art Essay
  • Decent essays on art will be in your book mostly. Also, you can ask your teacher where you can find the best articles on the specific painting you want to discuss.

    As far as finding a quality sample, look for samples from a quality source, like a university with a strong art history program – as art history today is taught at very very few schools.

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