How To Impress Your Professor With a Research Paper

A major concern of students is how to earn the best grades. When considering this, a question that may come to mind is “how would one impress a professor?”. There are a few things to keep in mind when striving to impress your professor and get the grade you desire.

Don't underestimate the power of good grammar

One thing to keep in mind when writing a research paper is grammar. Using grammar properly and using punctuation such as semicolons, colons and commas appropriately and not over using them can impress a professor and show effort. Keep in mind basic grammar usage rules such as semi-colons require two independent clauses and that commas don't. Do not use a semicolons in place of a period; make sure the two clauses relate to each other, and remember the period implies a pause; the semicolon simply eliminates the pause without using a conjunction. Don't forget to double check you used the right to, too or two and their, they're and there. The English language is full of these words that are commonly mistaken in their use. When in doubt, double check! It also never hurts to check your spelling either and re read your work for such mistakes, even after spell check says its complete.

Make the thesaurus a good friend, but use with care

The thesaurus is a highly under used tool. When writing a paper, sometimes you find yourself re-using certain words. That is the perfect time to break out a thesaurus and impress a professor by finding a different word to use or even, perhaps, a more appropriate word than the one you have been using. This breaks up a monotonous, repetitive paper and will not only keep the professors attention more successfully, but will display a more versatile vocabulary, and again show them that you are putting more effort into your work.

Think outside the box

Try and pick a subject or thesis that has enough research to support your idea, but not one that has been researched and proven so often it is near common knowledge. Take a common idea and expand upon it uniquely or even take a controversial view and see what you can research and prove about it. Don't be afraid to explore a unique idea and run with it; you don't have to always go with the easiest idea. For instance, a research paper on the feminist commentary in Bram Stoker's Dracula is fairly common, but a research paper on commentary about the fear of feminism in Victorian era England through the eyes of a foreigner in Dracula is more detailed, focused and unique.


To impress a professor, just put in the effort to clean up your grammar, word usage and try to think of a more unique subject or thesis for your research paper and that will show your professor that you deserve that high grade you are working for.

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