Cancer Research Papers: Brainstorming An Introduction

Cancer research has so many elements you can write about, the idea of having so much to write about can be written on in itself. Depending on your area of interest for the research paper, you can brainstorm ideas for a good introduction. You should have an idea of what the introduction does, what information it should include, and where you would obtain it in order to get it written properly.

What is Brainstorming?

This is a technique used to come up with new and fresh ideas to include in your writing. The concept is common for coming up with an idea for a topic, but writers can use the concept when they want to further develop their ideas for writing. This is like coming up with small ideas that can act as writing prompts for the main idea or subject. For your introduction you can brainstorm concepts to include helping form a solid intro for your topic. Basically, you would start with a general idea or concept, and within a certain period of time you would write down ideas that come to mind about it. You may have more than one session, but the idea is to draw ideas from your main subject or break it down into smaller concepts to use for further explaining when you start writing.

What Are Things You Want the Reader to Know?

Think about details you want the reader to know about your topic. Cancer research can have various areas to present data such as medical breakthroughs, technology used, symptoms patients deal with, and even rising costs of medical care. Some people question whether a cure will ever be found. Maybe you can present details that would challenge that theory. How would you present details you want people to know?

The introduction may not exactly allow you to state each and every detail, but you can bring the reader in slowly to help grab their attention. Make them aware of the main idea that is being introduced. You want details that will help the reader want to keep reading. Your information should be clear, concise and to the point. It may help to read example research papers that are written on the subject. You can review how the introduction was written and note details the writer included to help form a strong opening intro.

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