Writing and editing your term papers

Term papers a huge part of a higher education course, acing them is essential to having good grades that lead to a high grade point average. Write and edit my essay according to these rules, and your papers will always come back with high grades and a satisfied professor that knows you cared and put time into your assignment.


If you have not been assigned a specific topic, you have the fortunate liberty to write about whatever you would like. Choosing your own topic makes the term paper easier and more interesting to write. Narrow your topic down to something specific, when it is too broad your paper will lack direction and you will have to research too many aspects, rather than narrowing down on one particular aspect you’re interested in.


Now that you have chosen your topic, begin to research in as many sources as possible about this topic. Rpint out or download some of the scholarly articles that you have chosen and read them thoroughly. As you are reading each one think about what is sticking to you or what you are finding interesting about the topic.

Create a Thesis

After you have read each one and have read different points of view to the topic, choose one that stuck to you and write a thesis on it. Use the new knowledge to form an original thesis and state your claim as clearly as possible.

Notes on Research

You have already read the articles, so this should be the easiest step in writing the term paper. Find evidence that helps strengthen your thesis and claims. Take note to how the article expressed that idea, and try to find your own way of replicating that idea in your own words to your advantage in your thesis.


You have the research, original thesis, and noted articles as to where and what points helped defend your claim. Put them together to form a body part of your essay. Make sure that each body paragraph has one main idea and that each paragraph flows with each other.

Edit and Revise

This should take at least a quarter of your writing process. Reread your essay, check for places where you can add information, and edit for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Revise any paragraphs that may need more information and add evidence form your scholarly articles.

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