Where To Find A Free Sample Of A Research Paper In The APA Format

Where to find a free sample of a research paper in the APA format, is easy to find. The average student is usually bombarded by these, and does not even know it. If a student reads an essay in a Psychology class, or Sociology class, in fact, any of the social and behavior sciences; there is a good chance it will be either, an MLA or APA formatted paper. So lets look at some of these sources.

  1. Libraries
  2. Internet
  3. Journals
  4. Personal Library
  • Libraries
  • Most public and school libraries have a good selection of books, and journals. Finding a good reference, with a sample of an APA essay, is not that hard to do. Anthologies are great for that, because they contain many types of essays, and it is not uncommon for them to have various styles as well. There are even writing books that will have information on the APA style with a sample or more. Some journals that are specialized, like trade journals will have guest commentaries that will write an essay, sometimes in APA.

  • Internet
  • If the student has done any research in a field that uses APA, then they have likely read one or two essays in this style. While a student studying in this field has likely read many essays in the APA style. Colleges, Universities, and Businesses that specialize in these fields, will often have some excellent essays in this style on their sites. Student support sites often have tutorials, and sample essays in this style, for students to use.

  • Journals
  • Some students that are majoring in any of these fields that use the APA style, may have a subscription to a related journal. Maybe the parents ordered it for them, maybe they did before coming to school. Either way, it is available to them. It is not uncommon to find an APA style essay inside of these, in different issues. Maybe not every issue, but some of them will have it.

  • Personal Library
  • This can be a major help to any student, a personal library of 15-20 books and media. F the student is getting journals, add them to it. A personal library having some books in the major field, and some of the associated fields are beneficial. Besides the 15-20 books and videos, also include the style guides needed for the present and past semesters, and a writer’s handbook. Because of this, it will also mean the student will have a copy of an APA sample at their own fingertips.

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