The Best Accounting Dissertation Topics

When you are planning out what to talk about for the main idea of your dissertation, it can be overwhelming when deciding on a topic. If you have an idea or two in your mind, but aren’t sure if they are dissertation worthy, talk with your advisor about it. You can also read other peoples’ theses or dissertations from your field of study to see if you would like to do your dissertation on a similar topic.

Here are a few ideas of finding a unique dissertation topic:

  • Use the same idea as someone else, with a different angle or approach to the question you want to ask of it
  • Using a completely different topic, analyze it with a question you borrow from someone else’s dissertation
  • Look in memorable books, journals, or news articles related to your field
  • Choose either something from current or relatively new events, or from the past that has a particular interest to you
  • Think of all the classes you have taken so far; which was your favorite, and why?

There are tons of great topic ideas for an accounting dissertation out there; just choosing one is the hard part. Make sure that the topic you finally settle on drives and motivates you. You need to have a desire to find out everything you can about this topic, and be genuinely passionate about and interested in it. This will help you out a lot, especially on those days you really don’t want to work on your dissertation!


Do you need some inspiration? Here’s a little activity for you to try: get out 2 pieces of paper (or open 2 word documents on your computer) for making 2 lists. On the first one, write down every subject, person, place, company, or thing you can think of related to your accounting studies. Then on the second list, write down questions.

Any questions, even as simple as just “why?” or “where?” and longer questions, like “how does (blank) relate to (blank)”. Then, take your first list and plug every single one of them into every single question from your second list.

This should yield an even longer list of many different ideas. Choose a few that stand out to you, and do some initial research to decide if it might be a good enough idea for a full dissertation to be written about it.

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