A List Of Inspiring Ideas For A Social Psychology Research Paper

The study of the mind is an exciting field. The options for an inspiring and exciting paper topic are endless. There are many branches of psychology, many experts in the field, many case studies, and many concepts. Use the following ideas when you need an inspiring topic for a psychology paper.

Inspiring Ideas

  • Define, compare, and contrast Type A Personalities to Type B Personalities
  • Study the theories Psychology is based on
  • Explore The Milgram Experience
  • Explore The Stanford Experiment
  • Select one of the many concepts developed by Freud
  • Study Psychology and Culture
  • Who is Pavlov and why does he matter today
  • Pavlov’s theories-investigate and discuss
  • Define the Tiger Mother concept
  • Explore the Differences in How Men and Women learn
  • Explore the ethics involved and required in case studies
  • Study either Skinner, Bandura, Piaget, Rogers, James, Erikson, or Lewin
  • Write about the Little Albert Project
  • Write about the Asch Conformity Experiments
  • Explore the Bystander Effect
  • Explore Harlow’s Monkey Studies
  • Investigate Martin Seligman’s Learned Helplessness
  • Study the Robbers Cave Experiment of Muzafer Sherif
  • Write about Wendell Johnson and the Monster Project
  • Research and write about the brown eyes versus blue eyes students

Study and report on one of the many different filed of psychology such as:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis Psychology analysis
  • Children’s Psychology paper
  • Clinical Psychology essay
  • Cognitive Psychology analysis
  • Community Psychology paper
  • Counseling Psychology research
  • Developmental Disabilities Psychology analysis
  • Developmental Psychology paper
  • Educational Psychology essay
  • Evolutionary Psychology review
  • Experimental Psychology paper
  • Environmental Psychology essay
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology analysis
  • Neuroscience Psychology paper
  • Biopsychology Psychology essay
  • Psychology of Men research paper
  • Psychobiology Psychology review
  • Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology report
  • Rehabilitation Psychology study
  • School Psychology paper
  • Social Psychology analysis
  • Sports Psychology research paper
  • Health Psychology essay
  • Family Psychology summary
  • Psychology and the Law analysis
  • Forensic Psychology paper
  • Psychology of Women essay

When it comes to studying, researching, analyzing, and writing about psychology the topic list is endless. Do not worry if your teacher assigns you a psychology essay for homework. You can research and write about concepts, people, case studies, careers in Psychology, and the many different fields of study in the subject of psychology. The list goes on and on, and every one of the topics would make for an intriguing, interesting, and inspiring paper for your psychology class. Feel free to use this list whenever you need a topic for your class.

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