Composing strong topics for a winning argumentative research paper

What is an argumentative research paper?

  • An argumentative research paper allows the writer to select an issue or problem to discuss in the paper.
  • The argumentative research paper allows the writer to present their position on the issue or problem.
  • The research paper gives the writer the chance to present the positive and negative side of their position.
  • The argumentative research paper gives the writer the ability to provide evidence, facts, and material to support their position.
  • The paper allows the writer to present their viewpoint in a way that will persuade the targeted reader to agree with the position.

How to format a good argumentative research paper?

  • The Introduction Paragraph should be: no more than 2 paragraphs; state the purpose of the paper; state the topic (problem or issue); and must be interesting to the reader.
  • The Background Paragraph should be: an optional paragraph in the paper; this paragraph gives the foundation for the writer’s argument; and gives a summary of what will be discussed in the research paper.
  • The Body Paragraphs should: provide a separate paragraph for each main point (supports the writer’s position); provide evidence, facts, and materials for each main point; and clearly support the writer’s viewpoint on the topic.
  • The Counter-Argument Paragraph should: provide the cons of the writer’s position on the topic and provide the opposite view of the topic.
  • The Conclusion Paragraph should: state why the writer’s position is important; explain why the reader should agree with the writer’s position; and reiterates the main points of the writer’s argument.

How to select a good topic for an argumentative research paper?

  • The writer should pay close attention to events and issues happening near them.
  • The topic should be interesting to the writer.
  • The topic should have positive and negative viewpoints.
  • The topic should be current, trendy, and relevant.
  • The topic should not only affect the writer, but affect others as well.
  • The topic should have so much complexity that it can be discussed from different angles.
  • Do not choose a topic that has been discussed before like abortion and right to bear arms.

Other tips on selecting a good topic for an argumentative essay:

  • Should ensure that one’s personal feelings on the topic will not interfere with one writing a good research paper.
  • Should ensure that the topic is searchable and has enough materials to conduct research.
  • Should only select a position on the topic, once weigh all the positions on the topic.

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