Essay Writing Ideas: Choosing Material

Often times, it can be a challenge to choose material that you want to write about for an essay. Especially when the essay is not assigned for homework, it seems as though having limitless options actually makes the decision harder. This is a common feeling, but also not a difficult dilemma to overcome. Take these following hints into consideration the next time you are struggling to find a topic.

  • Choose a topic that is interesting to you personally. If you job your thoughts on past interests, hopefully something will remind you of what you want to write about and you can start to get the ball rolling.
  • Choose a topic that you know nothing about. There are limitless topics in the world that is basically untouched territory. If you find something you come across that you want to know more about, make a mental note about it and keep it in mind for your next essay.
  • Phone a friend. Sometimes inspiration comes from talking to others. If you are really at a loss, conduct with an interview with someone that has a story that intrigues you. From the interview you can gather what part of their story you want to write about and go from there.
  • Read the headlines. Everyday there are little blurbs of articles in the news, but they do not get any more investigation other than a couple of paragraphs. If you find a story that you think deserves more attention, find a way to write about it in an essay.
  • Meditate. Sometimes the ideas come in when you aren’t thinking about them. If you set aside time every day to focus on not focusing, your mind will feel more relaxed and there will be more space to add ideas.
  • Deduce reasoning. If you already have several ideas for material but are not sure which one, take time to deduce which topic would have the most investigative potential. Also be sure to write ideas down as they come, as you never know when you will need material to write a new essay.
  • Think of the reader. You should choose a topic that the reader would want to read. It is a smart idea to keep the audience in mind while you are choosing your topics, as there is a receiver on the end of your essay after all. Once you consider their preferences, this might jumpstart more of a clear idea of what you should write about.

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