Support for students finding research paper topics for middle school


Passing middle school needs to complete either some research papers, thesis or other extra-curricular work related to your course material. Many a times research papers are assigned to students. Students get confused as to what research paper they should choose from such a wide range of ideas. Hence we have provided a list of ideas that will lessen your burden.

List of ideas for a research paper:


  1. Famous world leaders. You could research and come up with various leaders who revolutionized the world with their ideas and ethics. You can list their accomplishments, their principles as well as how they lived.
  2. How humans evolved? Although this subject is a mixture of both science and history, you could write about the history of humans and the archaeological facts that describe their nature as they evolved. Historical evidence can be stated for proof.


  1. Tsunamis. In this research paper you could describe the causes and after-effects of Tsunamis. Given by the fact, that tsunamis have struck different parts of the world, you could write about the casualties and the properties destroyed.
  2. Eating habits. This topic can make a great research paper. Mentioning the various eating habits in different parts of the world, the effects of eating different foodstuffs as well as the body response to certain foodstuff.
  3. Benefits of recycling. This is the easiest of all topics. It is the most common and there is a lot of knowledge on the internet as well as in books.

Human Interests:

  1. The importance of Hobbies. You could start off by saying that hobbies are important to keep your mind occupied. You could also use the fact that hobbies give a goal to people.
  2. Positive outcomes of being a vegan. This is a great topic to contribute your own ideas. You can talk about how a vegan respect life as well as the decreasing rate of obesity in vegans. You can make a list of the possible positive points if you are a pure vegetarian.
  3. Using cell phones in school. This is a hot topic among middle school students. Use your creativity to list the pros and cons related to this topic. And finally, after weighing the outcomes of both the sides make a conclusion whether use of cell phones should be banned in school or not.

This a list shortlisted for middle school students. You could have other ideas too. Just make sure you use your creativity for writing these research papers and not plagiarize from the internet.

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