Sample research paper can come in handy

Students who are assigned research papers usually need all the help they can get. Students need to understand how research papers are compiled. They need to see how other people have written about their topics and how they have inserted facts they found while researching their topics. Students who have never had to write a research paper do not know how a research paper differs from a traditional essay.

Look at Samples and Get an Explanation

Not only do students need to be able to see sample research papers, but they need to have the research papers explained by experts, like teachers, professors, or tutors. Without explanations, students are on their own to try to figure out what the purposes of the parts of the papers are. Not only are the sections and paragraphs important, but the sentences are also important to understand. Students need to understand the role of the different sentences in the introduction, in the body paragraphs, and in the conclusions.

Learn about the Bibliography and In-Text Documentation

Students also need to be shown how to craft a bibliography. With the different styles of formatting, students need to know what the different parts of bibliography entries. With apps that can create bibliography entries with a simple click, students do not know how to understand their entries. This means they do not know what part of the entry to use when they write include in-text documentation. An annotated bibliography can help student understand what their actual entries are about, but help from teachers makes it easier for students to understand.

How to Use an Appendix If One Is Needed

Another part of the research paper that students need help with are appendices. Not every research paper requires the use of even one appendix, but when students need to include them, they need help understanding knowing what to include in an appendix and what the appendix should look like. Even if they know what an appendix looks like, students often need help to decide if they need to include an appendix. They also need help understanding how to reference the appendix in their research papers.

Longer Introductions and Conclusions

Most students need to know how to write an introduction and conclusion. These are usually longer in research papers than in traditional essays, so it is important for students to see samples and know about the longer paragraphs and purposes of the different sections.

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