Methodology section of mobile computing research papers

The Methodology section of your mobile computing research paper is a significant part of the overall project. Regardless of topic, large papers often have a requirement of a Methodology or Methods section to provide the reader and instructor with specific information that they will need to effectively judge its contents.

The Methodology section requires a clear description of how the study and experiment was planned and completed, as well as the rationale used to determine with procedures and sources would be used. After determining the overall research question being asked by your paper, you must argue in your Methodology section as to why you chose to answer it in the way that you did.

Some tips for writing a solid Methodology section for your mobile computing research paper are below.

Methodology Section Requirements

  • Clearly State Your Question/Argument: Your argument must be clearly explained so that readers can clearly see the path you took to answering the questions or issues you pose. Communicating the question you were trying to answer early and effectively will make sure the reader stays with you through your methods descriptions.
  • Explain How You Chose Sources: You must explain what reasoning you used when you decided to rely on certain types of data. Explain what answers were sought and why certain data sets and research types were chosen over others.
  • Be Orderly: It is important that your methods be understandable. You must explain your reasoning in an orderly fashion that calls upon certain sources without explaining everything in detail. Keep it simple and orderly.
  • Explain Analysis Measures: Without going into detail about the findings, because that will be broached later, explain the methods used to analyze data. This includes your own data and other sets that you collected separately. Explain what answers you thought your information would provide over other sources.
  • Explain How You Met Protocols: There are set protocols for any type of study, you must explain how you met those requirements and used that to better answer your question using your data. If certain protocols were focused on that, highlight that information.
  • Review: Always review your Methodology statement before moving forward. The Methodology section is a very important piece that lends you credibility – or not. Make sure that you review and also ask peers and department leaders to help you with the review process. Not having a clear argument in this section can hurt your overall grade in many ways.

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