A List Of The Most Impressive Research Paper Topics For High School

If you are in high school and trying to find an impressive research paper topic, consider the examples below:

Research the ways in which white collar crimes differ from other crimes. What techniques differ between them?

  • You can write about the way that manufacturing and production is moving from China to Africa, and what bigger economic implications this will bring for both areas of the world.

  • You can research the way that playing an instrument as a child actually improves different areas of the brain and can heighten certain cognitive skills. If this evidence exists en masse, as it does, then why do more schools ignore musical education among young children?

  • You can research the high drop out rates for teachers in preschools, and what effect the rate of turnover has on child development. You might narrow your focus to a certain area, to certain risk factors that increase the rate of turnover, or what can be done to fix it.

  • You can check modern marriages and whether they still exist. You can better define your research by looking at legal definitions, religious definitions, and the rates of divorce and multiple marriages today.

  • You can also research the way that schools might emphasize abstinence only education and whether that is more harmful compared to a generic and informative sex education course. You can emphasize the rates of teen pregnancies and STD’s in an area where sex education is normal and where sex education is religiously tied and converted into abstinence only education.

  • You can research the way that men are portrayed in television shows today as either the emasculated, stupid, and fat man who is married to a bossy women significantly more attractive than he is or the historical overbearing and abusive man. You can also explore the effects that this is having on children and adults who watch these shows, and how it has contributed to a change in the perception of gender roles.

  • You can write about greywater and how different commercial buildings are recycling their water and improving their environmental friendliness.

Remember that these are meant as a guide from which you can find a topic that you want to write about instead. You can use them as a starting off point from which to find a suitable topic for your particular course, parameters, and subject matter.

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