Law term papers: writing a good outline

When you’re doing research for any type of paper, it can be daunting sorting through so much information. Even with a simple topic or one that you know a lot about, you still have a lot of work to do just to find the right quotes and passages to reference. For a paper about law, things can get much more complicated. Law related papers tend to use a lot more jargon, technicalities, and have to be more precise and sophisticated than any other essay. If you’re getting frustrated with your law paper and don’t know what to do next, you’re in the right place. This article will help you streamline your process for research with an outline and show you how to organize it once you’ve collected your sources.

Making an Outline for Your Law Paper

Before you even do any research, you should start with an outline. An outline is always a good idea for any project, but especially for a law paper. When you first sit down to make an outline, have your teacher’s instructions nearby. You’ll need to keep referring to those to make sure you’re following everything they want to see in the finished law paper. Start by writing a place for your introduction, body and conclusion. Then you can put a few notes in each section. For example, if your teacher wants to see a quote at the beginning then write down in your introduction section to find a good quote. Do this for each item in the instructions. Then you’ll have the foundation for your paper.

Researching a Law Paper

Once you have your outline down, it’s time to start filling it out. To do this you’re going to need to gather all your sources and research. Here are a few ways you can find sources:

  • Go to your public or school library
  • Talk to your teacher
  • Look in the indexes of your textbook
  • Ask other students if they found a good source
  • Interview a professional lawyer

These are most of the common ways that you can find good material for your paper. Law papers are so much easier to write with an outline done, and the research already in place. If you put each quote and reference in the outline where you want it, then you can simply write your own words to connect each idea, and you’re done!

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