10 Extraordinary Microeconomics Term Paper Topics

Various online resources abound in topic ideas for almost any discipline, and microeconomics is not an exception. However, while specifying a topic for your microeconomics essay, you should keep in mind what separates microeconomics from other economic branches. This discipline considers numerous in-depth economical processes and examines their influences on small businesses, individuals, and private property. In contrast, macroeconomics concentrates on world-scale economical processes. In order to narrow the search of an interesting topic for your microeconomics paper, it is recommended to divide this huge sphere into several branches. The following are the branches comprising some extraordinary and catchy topics.

  1. Supply and demand
  2. This large-scale topic is applicable to almost every sphere of life. In terms of microeconomics, it would be a great idea to consider how changing demands influence the operation of small businesses, or to think about how various factors of supply affect businesses and personal households.

    • How are small shops affected by the decrease in demand of fruits in the winter period?
    • For the example of a shop, illustrate in what time period the change in demand will influence the change in prices.
  3. Work market
  4. This is another sphere that is worth considering while searching for an extraordinary topic for a microeconomics essay. Here, you are free to discourse on the labor market of a town, the impact of the work market on an average-income family or individual, etc.

    • How can the work market within a town be affected by opening a new plant in it?
    • Difficulties in searching for a highly qualified employee in a small town.
    • The chances to find a promising job for a graduate in a small town.
  5. Pricing and marketing
  6. In this sphere, you can analyze the price changes on various levels, as well as their influence of sellers and buyers (use a small business as an example). For the comparison of prices, use shops within a small town.

    • How can an advance in the price of food influence the income of an average family?
    • How can a business owner attract new customers?
    • How do season sales in a shop affect its output?
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. In this context, you can discuss the possible obstacles for opening a new business, various governmental programs that can be used in this activity, and the peculiarities of a family business operation in a small town or city.

    • The problem of competition for a small shop in a big city.
    • The pluses and minuses of a family business.

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