Hiring a cheap freelance admission essay writer

Your parents gave you a wad of cash to source help on your admissions essay. After all, if you fail to impress a good college, they may NEVER get you out of the house. But those bills just did something to your mind and you spent more than half of them buying drinks at an awesome post graduate party. What now? You’ve got no other choice but to find a freelance writer that’s good, but cheap. Is there an answer to this dilemma?

Go student

Remember that smart girl in your class who always did her homework and got good grades. Chances are if you can find her (or former classmates like her), it’ll be your best bet to get someone who’s just as broke as you are and needs the money.

These goodie-goodies are writing application essays of their own. They may as well write yours too while they’re in the flow of things, right? If you struggle to get hold of one in your own former high school, there are lots of other good essay writing students who would welcome the opportunity to make a few bucks before they enter college.

Play the quoting game

Make a sandwich, switch on your laptop and dedicate two hours to sourcing quotes from different writing companies and private writers. Get ten, twenty, or even thirty different quotes. At least 10% of them will be within your budget. Negotiate for a better price if you’re shameless enough, and then, make sure you:

  • Check them out
  • Ask for references. Demand to see previous work. If the writer is cheap, make sure it’s not because they’re bad at what they do. Good help is hard to find, so if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll have to shop around until you find the perfect person to write your admissions essay.

  • Do as much as you can yourself
  • Before you employ a writer, do as much of the work yourself. Your parents gave you all the money in the first place because they thought you couldn’t do this on your own. Prove them wrong! Plan the outline of your essay and make a list of things you want to say. Once you’ve got a good game plan, write a rough draft. Take that to the writer you’ve decided on and get them to edit it.

You did it! You managed to get away with paying a good writer as little as possible to write your admissions essay. Shame on you for making it look so easy.

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