Revising My Thesis Statement


If the prompt is the question, the thesis is the answer. A thesis statement, however, is not merely a simple answer. It is an assertion, an argument that can be supported. The thesis statement must be a carefully crafted statement that portrays the writer’s most significant claim about the subject in discussion. It is essentially a road map - a tool the reader can use to establish the direction of the paper. It is of utmost importance, serving as the heart of a work.

In the first draft of my paper about American actor Denzel Washington, I discussed his considerable resilience in his personal and professional life to explain why he has inspired me - citing his determination to pursue his passion despite the challenges that initially hindered him. I then applied his example to my own life – asserting my intent to follow his example.

Although my paper was not lacking in specificity and support for how Denzel Washington has influenced my work ethic, I failed to integrate a thesis statement that truly reflected the single main idea I wished to communicate. I formatted my paper like a story – in which the reader does not necessarily have the access to my inevitable meaning for the work. But even though that story-like structure encourages interest, it does not conform to the structure of an argumentative essay. Thus, I have written a new thesis statement that generalizes the content –the details, facts, and examples – in my work that simultaneously stimulates curiosity and interest in my reader.

In my revised thesis, I used multiple clauses to differentiate between what I would be addressing first and what I would be addressing last. I summarized the portion of my paper that addressed Denzel Washington’s life and connected that to my ultimate meaning for the work – to show how his example has influenced me.

Thesis Statement

By overcoming his lifelong trials and proving that the pursuit of passion - despite it being the road less taken – is a challenge worth facing, Denzel Washington has inspired me, and likely many others, to follow my dreams with great perseverance and considerable resilience.

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