Breast Cancer Research Paper – How to Write it in 5 Days?

Writing a paper on a topic such as Breast Cancer does take research and the use of credible sources. If you're limited in the amount of time that you have to write the assignment, there are ways to get through it quickly. Breast Cancer is a disease that has affected many loved ones, family members and friends. It has affected women who may or may not have been aware of their risk for cancer. Before you begin writing it's important to read up on why it occurs, the percentage of women it affects and why some women are prone to the disease.

Jot Down the Main Ideas

Before you begin, highlight the ideas that will be most useful to exaggerate on in your body paragraphs. What is most informative to the reader and what ideas stand out the most to you as you're researching the condition? What information would you need to tell the reader so that they understand how the cancer occurs? Remember, that in a research paper it's your job to inform an audience that may not know a lot about the topic. This is when you will write about what you know and what you have learned about Breast Cancer.

After outlining the main ideas you will decide on a thesis, depending on the directions you've been given by the instructor. The topic statement should tie into what is most important with what you've learned. As you are writing the introduction, be clear and concise about what the purpose of the paper is and why you are writing it – even though it's a research essay, it should still catch the reader's attention.

Each of the body paragraphs need to represent one of the main points that you've outlined. Also, put them in a sequential order so that each paragraph transitions into the next one smoothly. The body paragraphs should have their own concept yet support the thesis. They should contain research and evidence that you have found while researching the topic. Remember to record all of the sources you use for when you make your biography page. Having to go back and record the information can be more of a hassle. After you have completed the body paragraphs you can start on the conclusion.

How to End a Research Paper

With topics such as breast cancer, you'll want to reflect on the main points you've made and relate them to the thesis of the paper. Although you won't want to include factual information, you will want to remind the readers why you outlined the paper with the given points. The conclusion should be just as strong as any other paragraph. It needs to leave the reader with the idea that they have learned what they need to about the topic. By conducting enough research and abiding by the structure, you can write a great paper within a short amount of time. Edit it thoroughly and read the essay out loud to ensure that the tone is smooth and worded professionally.

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