How To Write A Research Paper On Abortion

Perhaps the most controversial issue in world history and often treated as taboo during conversations, abortions have become the center of political debates, friendship quarrels and tough decisions made by mothers who’ve had children out of wedlock without the means of supporting the newborn. In college or high school, it may come to pass you’ll need to write an in-depth research paper regarding this area of life we often hate to discuss. Here is how you’ll write your research paper on abortion without spending too much time with it.

Gather The Facts

Plenty of online databases, articles and health sources have quality information and statistics you can gather for your research paper. Make sure to type out pages of notes which you can understand and create any graphs to import into word processing programs to spice up and verify supporting verbiage. Factual information regarding aborting lives can be located on government health sites, medical facilities or simply by researching keywords relevant to your needs, i.e. abortion data, and documenting your findings. Data is always updated frequently on government sites which is where you should begin.

Construct Rough Draft

Most research papers will contain table of contents, brief opening statement of purpose and finally your research findings backed by accurate data charts or graphs. With the topic of abortion, you should also include both statements of opposition as well as those supporting such acts with mitigating circumstances which could make each scenario viable. If you’ve taken research from several different sources, create an Appendix section with all relevant footnotes, research localities and anything else which is relevant to abortion yet doesn’t look proper within your main body. Remember, this is only your rough draft; mistakes and grammar errors shouldn’t be an issue.

Type Final Draft

When you feel satisfied with your rough draft, you can begin typing out or reconstructing your draft into the final copy. During this process, you can cross-check information you found out about abortion stats, current debates or laws related to abortion and finalize your Appendices. Once completed with final draft, you can go through and read through your research paper to assure the flow is proper and all facts were presented properly. If anyone assisted you in collecting data, include them somehow in your appendix so as to properly accredit their work.


Every research paper should contain the basic facts, address an issue and properly back every thought with correlating statistics or data to validate your findings. When researching difficult areas like human aborting, you need to be objective and collect data from both prolife and pro-abortion standpoints without excessive bias.

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